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Straight Mates Doing What They Shouldn't - Jaden Fucks Ben!

Two straight young men who are best mates came to me a year or so ago and look what ends up happening, Jaden ends up fucking his best mate Ben! When they first did shoots they didn’t want to be naked in front of each other and what a great job they do today, sucking each other off real well and Jaden is quite like a rabbit after a little bit of fucking. He starts of slow and uncertain but before you know it he was pumping his long cock up his mates ass hard and fast! Jaden fucks Ben in a variety of positions, Ben sitting on it and getting pumped hard, flipping into spoons before Ben gets his best pounding as Jaden pumps him in doggie.

Troy Taylor Tops Josh O Brian
It’s been awhile since these two boys have had some action, so they come to us just how we like ‘em…horny and ready to fuck! After some innocent kissing, things get a little more heated as the clothes come off and Troy works his way south to Josh’s big cock, taking that meat in his hungry mouth and working it till it’s hard, going balls deep until Josh can’t take anymore and pushes Troy on the chair to show off his own impressive cock-sucking skills! Once these two have had their craving for cock satisfied, their craving for ass-pounding comes next and Josh climbs right up on Troy and rides his dick with his tight ass, jumping on that prick and moaning as he gets his ass filled to capacity with Troy’s colossal cock! Next, Josh bottoms for Troy doggy style, getting pounded deep and hard as both of these studs enjoy every minute of their hot fuck until they just can’t take anymore and finish off this sexy scene with some very satisfying cumshots!

Joey Landers Busts A Nut
Joey Landers is a Southern boy who likes to party and fantasizes about being with a guy who will take control, but for now that'll remain a fantasy as he strips and turns, showing us his lean and toned body. He gets on the bed and kneels, rubbing his cock slowly as he gets it nice and hard. He works his big cock some more, rubbing his balls before leaning back and moaning, clearly enjoying himself. He changes positions and lays on stomach, rubbing his ass cheeks and running his fingers over his tight asshole, fingering the entrance just a bit before working his dick from behind for a while. After that treat, he turns onto his back and spreads his legs, rubbing his thick cock from that angle, pumping it faster and harder while he moans in pleasure, getting closer and closer to release. He jerks his cock a bit longer before shooting his hot load all over his stomach!

Young & Slim Straight Footballer George Shows off His Big Uncut Cock & Hairy Hole!

George is a young lad who has loads of confidence and who has no qualms about showing his body off - he's naturally very lean, he plays a lot of football. He was referred to us by previous model Damian Olsen. His body is smooth, except for his slightly hairy hole, which he is really keen to stroke with his finger while he wanks and he also pulls apart his bum cheeks for the camera, this guy definitely has a kinky side! He has a large cock, which he clearly enjoys wanking for us, and doesn't even mind when we apply the baby oil! George shoots a big load - he's been storing it up for us for a couple of days, and he shoots it over his abs!

There's only one thing better than a nerdy twink. And that's a nerdy twink that can suck his own cock! Scott's back with a new look but he's as cock hungry and limber as ever! He pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and shows it off with a smirk before bending right over and licking his own cock head. He slobbers all over his knob until he can taste his own precum then turns his attention to his asshole. He fucks himself with three fingers and a butt plug before squirting a thick load of cum all over his belly and gobbling up every last drop of delicious jizz!

Straight Lad Threesome - Cameron, Andrew and Jack - Uncut Cocks Get Wanked and Sucked!v

Jack and Cameron start our shoot - after comparing physiques and doing some press ups, they start getting intimate with each other's bulges, but are interrupted when Andrew arrives at the door. All three make sure they are stripped down to their boxers, and before you know it Jack has characteristically lost his boxers entirely! Cameron and Andrew follow his lead and they are soon all feeling each other's cocks. Andrew has a go at wanking two guys at once, which gets Jack and Cameron solid - 3 uncut hard cocks in a row - what a sight! Both Jack and Cameron have a go at sucking before the 3 guys all bend over and show off their holes! All 3 guys end up unloading a huge load of cum each on the glass table, but Jack gets the prize for shooting the furthest! What a mess!

Asher Hawk Busts A Nut
Asher Hawk is an Accounting major who likes to work out and has an active sex life, and we get a little taste of that as he undresses and kneels on the bed, rubbing his huge cock as he runs his free hand along his body. He lubes up his dick, getting it nice and wet with his own spit as he works it a little faster, giving the camera a sexy devilish look as rubs his hard cock. He changes it up, laying down on the bed and spreading his legs, giving us a nice view of his ass and balls as he continues pumping his cock. He shoots us another saucy glance as he works his dick just how he likes it before pulling his legs up and fingering his asshole. He rubs that tight ass some more and sticks his finger inside as keeps on jerking his rock hard dick, spreading his cheeks wide open to give us a good look at his entrance. He scoots back on the bed, getting comfortable for the finale as he works his cock, pumping it faster before he shoots his white hot load all over, squeezing out the very last drop of cum and enjoying the afterglow of one delicious orgasm!

Handsome, Lean and Fit Sam Shows Us His Boxing Moves and His Very Thick Uncut Cock!

Young lad Sam was a popular guy on FitYoungMen, and was very chilled out about getting naked and getting hard on camera, so he jumped at the chance of doing an EL shoot. He's a lean, athletic looking guy - with a handsome face, and eyes that really pull you in! He does a lot of boxing, has a smooth body and quite a few tattoos, on his back, arm and feet. One of his best assets is in his undies though - as soon as they come off you see how big his uncut cock is - not just long, but really thick. It boings up straight away! He shows us his hole too - fairly smooth like the rest of his body, this lad isn’t shy! When he cums he shoots a nice load over himself, splattering his abs!

Straight Lads Stewart & Josh in Hot Fucking Action

Stewart is one of those young men who continue to get more handsome and doesn’t he look great sat astride a big fat uncut cock! Today Josh and Stewart have a light kiss and feel up each other and two hard uncut cocks are soon being pulled out their boxers, both are real excited and Josh shows off how good he can give head and gobbles all of Stewart, who returns the favour proving straight men can deep throat! Josh is soon pushing his thick and long uncut cock up Stewart’s hole who seems to love it and the lads get into some seriously hot fucking moving around from positions without coming unattached. After Josh gives Stewart’s hole a right good fucking he can’t hold back any longer and dumps his load over his leg, Josh pulls out and shoots his straight up in the air like a geyser!

Sergio Valen Fucks Kellan Lane
Sergio Valen takes charge in this steamy encounter as he begins by making out with Kellen Lane. The clothes come off soon after and they're both eager to move things along as Kellen begins working Sergio's huge cock. Sergio teases Kellen a bit before the boxers come off all the way and show really begins! Sergio goes down on Kellen first, running his warm mouth and hand up and down Kellen's impressive dick. Sergio plays with himself as he continues sucking Kellen off, eliciting moans of pleasure from his partner. Kellen can barely contain himself as Sergio works his magic, getting Kellen's cock nice and wet. The two switch positions and now it's Sergio's turn! Kellen takes Sergio's big dick in his mouth, excited to finally get a taste of him. He works Sergio's cock expertly and Sergio can't seem to get enough of Kellen's delicious mouth on his hard dick. Sergio has something else in mind, though, as he pulls Kellen off his cock and sits him on the bed. Kellen knows what's coming as Sergio lubes up his cock and slides it into Kellen's tight little ass. Sergio pumps Kellen full of his hard dick as the two switch positions, Sergio showing his dominant side as he places his hand on Kellen's throat. These two can't seem to get enough of each other as they climb farther onto the bed, Sergio ramming his dick into Kellen as Kellen plays with himself. The two do some kinky kissing as Sergio continues to fuck Kellen, who gets himself off with Sergio's cock still buried deep in his ass, and now it's Sergio's turn. He pulls out and works his rock hard dick with his hand, shooting his load on top of Kellen as the two finish with a kiss. This is one hot fuck!

Isaac Hardy Fucks Nate Oakley
Nate and Isaac can barely keep their hands off of each other long enough to get undressed! But once the clothes do come off, it's not long before Nate is going down on Isaac, sucking his cock and getting it nice and wet. They get on the bed and Nate continues working Isaac's rock hard dick, running his tongue all along the shaft before Isaac pulls him off and gets his cock ready for Nate's tight ass. He lubes his dick up and shoves it into Nate's ass, standing over him as he fucks him hard. Once Isaac has gotten his fill of being in charge, he climbs onto the bed and Nate gets on top, riding Isaac's thick cock. He bounces up and down, ramming Isaac's member deep into his tight hole. Nate climbs off after awhile, letting Isaac take the lead again as he lays down on the bed, Isaac pumping him full of his throbbing dick as they both moan in pleasure. Ready for release, Isaac pulls out and straddles Nate, pumping his dick with his hand and shooting his white hot load all over Nate's face!

Connor Maguire Fucks Levi Karter!
It was a perfect Sunday afternoon and Dillon Rossi and Jake Bass have been hanging out all weekend. The tension between these two was building up by the minute and it was obvious where this was going. And there is nothing like a quick canoe ride to get the boys ready for some quiet time in the hammock later that day. Inevitably, someone's cock was bound to get sucked and Dillon's was first in line. Jake already admitted that he's very much attracted to Dillon's giant cock so it's no surprise he goes down on it to the base with no hesitation. However, Jake and Dillon were determined to get it on all over the place. So, first, Jake sucks Dillon's cock by the lake, then Dillon sucks Jake in the hammock and then sucks him again by the pool. It's like they just can't keep their hands off of each other and it's not long before Jake bends over and finally lets Dillon shove his massive meat balls deep. Apparently, Dillon was really hitting the right spot because, I swear, this must be one of Jake's biggest cumshots ever! And for those of you who are familiar with Jake's cumshots - you know I mean! You can't miss this one.

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