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We dispense with formalities and start with Kyle’s fat cock in Eli’s mouth. He must be a pretty good cocksucker because Kyle looks very happy.
Mark has captured a variety of men; a veritable butt buffet in all shapes and size, tanned and not, smooth or hairy with just one thing in common: fulfilling your fantasy!
Muscular Mike Dozer is tired of seeing lean Travis Irons slack off and get all the attention from the lady who hired them to work on her yard, so he takes it out of the pretty boy's ass at the end of the day.
Eric, and Brian Were over at the Schmoehouse...Hanging out. All the regular guys are wondering whats up with Eric. He has Huge Nazi tats on him...But infact, He is a really cool, super sweet guy. He's 'str8' But he is also very curious, about gay sex.
Even though this guy claims he's straight, he's so horned up he's willing to do anything to satisfy his innermost desires!
A redheaded stud eagerly gets his throat and asshole pounded by a hot Arab that claims to be straight, although the amount of pleasure he gets out of this hot fuck fest tells a different story!
MARK is a hot Straight Frenchman that wanted to try learn more about his hole. Who else would he contact but the Satyr team to make his dream come true? This cum bucket was truly amazing. After a couple of minutes it opened up for us and so of course, we
Straight off base, Marine Corporal Shane, drops by the Major’s penthouse after a good workout at the gym to get “pumped” for his first video shoot.
Handjobs and hunks are just some of the fun you can expect from Buddy Brigade!
Going Commando features four scenes, including two hard core fucking sequences with Andrew and Jason, and then Riley and Tito. Plus, it includes solos with Tito and Wade. Cum check it out!
After a good fuck, a hot creamy load fills up and slowly dribbles out of this straight guy's tight asshole. Watch this sexy cream pie action!
Bound by honor and tighter than family, SpunkWorthy presents 6 new real-life Marine buddies droppin' their cammies for the first time on camera, baring it all and bustin' a nut!
Straight off base, Navy Corpsman “Doc” Brent swings over to the Major’s penthouse following a long deployment to Iraq with his Marines.
A real
Taking the SpunkWorthy show on the road, 3 nervous str8 Marines attend their 1st Gay Pride festival. Friendly competition quickly turned to shenanigans that will leave you breathless!
Going Commando 3 is a feast for fans of Niko! There's his introductory solo scene, his hot duo with James, and his sizzling three way with James and Tito. Make sure to check it out if you're a fan of Niko -- or just a fan of sexy men in general.
The legendary Dirk Yates brings his one of a kind perspective with military studs to a full head with this full length blockbuster.
Devin, Lex and Ivan have been given a pretty mundane job to do, but they know how to make it more fun.
These young guys will let you use their tight holes whenever you want. It's kind of like being at a smorgasbord. The House Managers sometimes have a difficult time deciding which of these delinquents they want to bareback in order to get their rocks off.
This mission has been assigned to 6 of our finest recruits Alex, Blake, Chris, Cord, Jarod and Kyle. They must be strong and brave for this task, and must record it. We can only hope this evidence doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
So many balls to drain, so little time. It's gonna take All Hands On Dick to get the job done. 2 new recruits and 3 veterans eager to lighten the load hanging between their thighs drop by SpunkWorthy HQ for some relief.
Get ready for a ROUGH hard ride! What we did to this poor straight guy will make your butt cheeks clench, lol. We filmed this over a year ago and have been holding-off on editing it because this guy Nate was just coming out of the closet.
Randy was a little unsure about doing porn at first, but since his best friend and fellow Marine Sean recently took the plunge, he figured maybe he'd give it a try.
Straight men get messaged, masturbated, and sucked to cum-pleation in this hot video Armed and Ready 3.
hese sexy guys want you to
These guys show no mercy, and they expect you to keep it straight.
It's Kink's first ever Bondage Convention here at the armory and the BIP crew is there for some fun. They stumble upon a straight stud, Cameron Kincade, there with his girlfriend.
Doug and Jay's feature film Rump Rangers has a new movie Rump Rangers 2 featuring ass fucking straight guy action.
Str8 soldiers so horned up they'd fuck anything! Even each other! Sucking their buddies hard cock or taking it straight up the ass!
Straight off base, Marine SGT Sledge drops by the Major’s penthouse after a long deployment to Iraq with his Marine brothers. SGT Sledge is really packing a humongous meat-Howitzer and knows how to use it very well!
They're out of the barracks and out of their uniforms for the first installment of the all-new Frontal Assault series directed by Dirk Yates.
Str8 military men have so much pent-up energy, they're always looking for release. With some cash incentive, even the most covert marine or sailor will get naked and bust a nut on camera.
Marcus is a str8 boy, but he's no stranger to a gay blowjob!
The Chair - Straight hunk Trevor Spade comes to 30 Minutes of Torment with his first challenge taking place in the chair.
Marines have their fingers on the trigger everyday. But when they're horny and want to fire off a few rounds they know just who to call.
He may be struttin' and posin' but what he really needs is a good gay hosing! These gangsters may swear they're straight but we know they really ain't. Thug boy wants to be a fuck toy!
Officer Thompson is a one mean fucker, and had zero tolerance for thugs like this. After a pat down, and an unwarranted anal cavity search, the Officer decided to take things even further, bending the gangster over and shoving in his big cock.
You are a very lucky lil horny faggot. Time for our daily routine. I'm going to let you take off my shoes and sniff my feet. Then I'll make you choke on them.
Straight off base, Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Cain, after six months at sea, spends some of his well-deserved shore leave at the Major’s penthouse and decides to rub one out before heading to a local watering hole in downtown San Diego.
Straight off base, Marine Corporal Casey, who hails from the great state of Texas, drops by the Major’s penthouse to relax after a long week of training in the field aboard Camp Pendleton.
I just love straight Military men! Duke has never had a massage, and he was so excited when I offered to give him one.
Str8 military men never take a buddy for granted. Even if it means crossing into uncharted grounds to get a nut!
Vlado Iresch brings you Straight Loads! You won't miss these sexy guys in hardcore action!
Watch straight guys getting crazy with other guys in 100% real, 100% straight, 100% hot action!
Straight off base, two young tatted, twink Marines, Sky and Holden, drop by the Major’s penthouse to engage in some first-time cock-sucking and butt-fucking fun with each other!
Damien Kyle is the new favorite guy at Broke Straight Boys, see him paired with the gym-country-truck-guy Johnny Forza. Other favorites include Paul Canon, Adam Baer and see the new guy John Silver.
Step Uncle Spencer Whitman and step nephew Austin Ryder stroke each other's manly chest hair till they both start to sprout an erection.
Fit straight thugs Lex and Daniel have a lot of cum to get out of their dicks, all the damn time. They're always horny and jerking it, reloading for another round in no time at all.
Watch how we hit the streets to find that perfect piece of ass that claims he's straight but is down to fuck cock.
Boomer and Billy were planning on competing to see who could drain the most thug juice from their dick in this jack off session, but the loser has a big price to pay. After draining out so much cum, which is gonna get a mouthful of semen?
Adam is a real pro when it comes to breaking in horny new boys. Although Reece is straight, he's experienced a little of what we have to offer at the hands of Lincoln.
The Mighty Corporal Quinn stands at 6’3”, weighs in at 205 lbs and is covered in a wide variety of tattoos.
These twinks enjoy a good cock sucking.
No actors here! Featuring ONLY real life military dudes on leave, this straight guy fuck fest is one that is sure to make you stand up and salute!
Guys swinging the other way for the first time and getting filmed in the process!
This cum dump gets his cock sucked and ass plowed in this hot new film from Trax Action.
The guys steal his stuff and to get it back he has to service their juicy cocks, sucking on their nuts and taking both dicks in his mouth at once! He gets his reward though, two hot loads of thug cum and his own load down his throat.
The Wall: Lance Hart is chained to the wall as Van puts on his gloves, punching Lance's chest while covering his mouth when he screams. Van gets the bound stud's cock hard before giving him the flogger.
This straight guy loves to get his dick sucked and could care less who does it, don't miss this hit from Trax Action!
Rookie straight guys are getting their cocks and minds blown when they get their cocks blown by a guy, and like it.
Tattooed boy Alec shows off for the camera!
The Bareback Base Camp series continues with our latest DVD release, which features three duo scenes, plus a solo. Corey and Drew hook up, with Corey taking on the honors of fucking Drew.
Seven hot, straight men cum together in this movie to perform for the viewers. Forrest, Logan, Tanner, Houston, Tyce, Joel, and Chet will show you the theory behind banging ass.
Check out the latest from Trax Action. Featuring the hottest guys from Spain.
Married man Asher Devon meets up with sexy gay internet crush Nick Capra.
Six hot straight men cum togeher to finish out the trilogy of The Ass Bang Theory. Forrest, Chase, JT, Tyce, Brett, and Tucker will show you the theory behind banging ass!
If you like your men hot, your cocks big, and your mouth full you`ll salivate over this movie.
The evil college boy Red Hatton has returned to use Gay Pig Slave some more. We rub our stinky feet on his faggot face.
If you're so straight, why is my dick in your mouth? My roommate lets me fuck his ass! What's better to wake up to, a rim job or a blow job? I'll fuck your ass and you can cum on my face!
Aaron & Walker start off outside with Walker standing and Aaron on his knees. The rain came really fast and the boys head to the tent. Walker really gets into this BJ and starts to face fuck Aaron.
Active Duty presents Friendly Fire 7. On this mission, we welcome a new recruit: Brad. He once did a great solo for us, but it took a whole month to convince himself to go on and push further to accomplish what the others soldiers have done.
19 year old Andrew Fugate is a tanned sexy guy with a smooth toned body and a sexy smile. He also has a thick cut cock, big balls and a virgin ass.
Straight off base, Marine Corporal Steele, has just completed checking in aboard his new duty station and drops by the Major’s penthouse before heading out to San Diego for a few brews with his Marine buddies.
Straight Guys for Gay Eyes” is back with hottie Trent Diesel, a tattooed carpenter/construction worker/artist who works out at the gym two hours every day.
This latest title in the Mouth Cum Feeding series features a chubby bald white guy feeding cum from a massively long black cock.
Southern straight hunk Blaze is back this week with horny bi jock Cort from our shoot in Atlanta. Mild mannered Blaze says he is going to fuck the shit out of Cort and treat him like his bitch.
Gorgeous trainer Tyler has always been a mentor to cute young quarterback Damon Archer, so he's there for his young friend when self-doubt creeps in, and reassures him that they'll always make time for each other.
These men are duty bound to the hottest bondage sex imaginable!
Check out the 21st volume of the series where sexy straight studs get their hard cocks sucked by a talented mouth who knows how to please! They can't believe it's a guy making them cum so hard!
Tight quarters make bustin' a nut in the barracks a real challenge for young horny military dudes.

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